Car owners are well attuned to the damaging effects of salt corrosion on the panels and wheels of their cars, but wiping off white streaks and lines on your door and fender might not be enough to fully protect your car. One place that many car owners fail to properly clean of salt is the undercarriage--specifically the suspension. Last year, hundreds of thousands of cars were recalled due to suspensions that were prone to salt corrosion, so it's imperative to make sure that you take good care of a suspension that gets a lot of salt exposure. Here are some ways to keep your suspension salt-free and strong so you don't end up getting stranded by a rotten suspension. 

Hose Under the Wheels

The easiest step to take in the battle against suspension corrosion is simple, regular washing of your suspension system. You can do this by getting down underneath your car and spraying upward into the springs and associated metal of your suspension system. A pressure washer will help to get most of the dirt and grime out of your suspension, but a garden hose with a nozzle will do the job as well. Also, make sure to spray the area as thoroughly as possible, since the salt will often settle on top of surfaces that you can't see immediately from underneath your car. 


For protection that's more "set it and forget it," an undercoating is a proactive solution to undercarriage corrosion, and covers more than just your suspension. Undercoating your car or truck puts a rubberized layer on the parts of your chassis, suspension, and other areas that are most susceptible to corrosion. While this solution is very effective and will do a great job of keeping your car rust-free, it will add some weight to your car, which has the potential to drop your gas mileage by a couple miles per gallon and is simply another factor to consider. 

Regular Checkups

While both of the above solutions are great for the DIY-er, there truly is no substitute for a regular undercarriage checkup during the winter months. Especially if you have an older car and are just beginning this kind of preventative maintenance now, having an expert give your suspension a thorough look-through will help to nick any potential issues in the bud. After you've determined that your suspension is in good shape, then you can have a clean slate to start your corrosion resistance scheme. 

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