Air bags are now standard in all vehicles and they serve a very important purpose.  These devices help prevent the occupants of a vehicle from coming in contact with the solid parts of the car when the it decelerates quickly in an accident.  Most vehicle owners don't give much thought to the airbags in their vehicle until they are deployed.  

How Does an Air Bag Work?

Air bags have sensors that are designed to only go off upon severe impact.  Air bags are typically located in the steering wheel, the dash and in the sides of vehicles.  They should only deploy when the sensor detects there has been impact in that location.  For example, side air bags should not deploy in a front impact crash.  Air bags are meant to be used in conjunction with a seat belt to protect the occupants.

When Do You Need to Repair or Replace an Airbag?

Sometimes an accident will occur that deploys the air bags but leaves very little damage to the rest of the vehicle.  It is never a good idea to drive the vehicle if an air bag has deployed, even if the rest of the damage appears minimal.  When the vehicle has been in an accident that caused an air bag to inflate, it should always be examined by a certified mechanic prior to driving it again.

If you are purchasing a used vehicle, be sure to ask for a report that will show you if the vehicle has ever been in an accident.  When getting a used vehicle checked by your mechanic prior to purchase, have them check the air bag system.  You do not want to find out that the vehicle has faulty air bags after they have failed to protect you or your loved ones in an accident.

The Cost of Air Bag Replacement

It is not inexpensive to repair and replace air bags.  Although the average cost to professionally replace air bags after an accident is between $3,000 and $5,000, it can cost up to $6,000 to replace air bags in your car.  Since these unseen safety devices are necessary for a vehicle to have, it is not uncommon for a vehicle to be considered totaled based on the cost to replace them. The process usually often involves more than simply replacing the air bag.  The entire system will often need to be repaired or replaced.  

Air bags are an unseen, yet necessary, part of your vehicle.  Do not risk your safety and the safety of your loved ones by taking short cuts with your air bags.

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